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The Basic Stuff:
Name: Danielle
Age: 14
Gender: Girl
Current location: Clarkston
Birthday: March, 15 1991
Single or Taken: Single

The Superficial Stuff:
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Height: 5' 5"
Best feature: Eyes
Worst feature: teeth b/c i have braces

The Entertainment Stuff:
5 Favorite Bands/Artists: Sum 41, Usher, Ciara, Hot Hot Heat, & Franz Ferdinand
5 Least Favorite Bands/Artists: Mike Jones, X-tina, Brittney "Federline", Eve & i don't hate many
4 Favorite Movies: Top Gun, beauty and the beast, The lion king & the notebook
4 Least Favorite Movies: Oceans 12,  the alamo, darkness, & the grudge
3 Favorite Celebrities: Brad pitt, Jennifer Aniston, & Ciara
3 Least Favorite Celebrities: Snoop Dogg, Larry King , & Dr. Phil
2 Favorite TV Shows: Laguna Beach &One tree hill
2 Least Favorite TV Shows: Boiling Points & room radiers
X # of Favorite Hobby/Interest: Snowboarding , wakeboarding, tubing, & horesbackriding
The Other Stuff:
Promote to at least 2 users/communities:</p>

Why do you want to join this community: Beacuase angela wants me to lol and it looks kool

Tell us one random thing about you. I hate sharks

Tell us one random thing about your best friend: she hates snakes

By the way, how'd you find us? Angela (one of the mods)

If you found us through Intrests what did you search for: Didn't

If you found us through a memeber which memeber was it? 0ne_step_cl0ser


Opinions: Please Explain
What do you think of the mods? They are Super Supreme Sweeties

What do you think about MTV? its okay...

What do you think about internet dating? its for people who are ugly and can't get some

What do you think about same sex dating/ marriage? its alright for other people not for me

What do you think about abortion? its wrong & mean in some cases

What do you think of our community? It looks real sweet

Do you think there is anything we can do to make it better? Maybe idk anything though

What other communities do you belong to? __Laguna__ , Sashabaw_middle

The Picture Stuff:If Avaible
Post one picture of your friends [point out which one you are though]

 I am the second one form the left
Post one 100x100 picture of your self for the accepted page

Post as many, good, clear pictures of yourself - not too big but not too small please, and no more than two photo shopped ones!

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