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Name: Kimmy
Age: 14
Gender: female
Current location: clarkston
Birthday: October 31st

Single or Taken: taken/currently dating.

The Superficial Stuff:
Eye color: blue
Hair color: blonde
Height: 5"3
Best feature: probably my stomach
Worst feature: i really dont like my legs, or my feet.

The Entertainment Stuff:
5 Favorite Bands/Artists:
5 Least Favorite Bands/Artists: omarion and mario 
4 Favorite Movies: The Notebook, coach carter, guess who, meet the fockers, finding nemo, napolean dynamite, anchorman

4 Least Favorite Movies: hmm..

3 Favorite Celebrities: hilary duff, ashton kutcher

3 Least Favorite Celebrities: if their rich, i  like em.
2 Favorite TV Shows: degrassi, and gilmore girls
2 Least Favorite TV Shows: family matters.....
X # of Favorite Hobby/Interest: sports: volleyball, dance, basketball, football, soccer, tanning, movies, friends, singing in the shower, dancing in the rain- world series type of stuff =)
The Other Stuff:
Promote to at least 2 users/communities:




Why do you want to join this community: because communities are fun to be a part of, and i like taking part in commenting on others =)

                plus, supreme_sweeties looks awesome cool-


Tell us one random thing about you. i scream in my pillow when im pissed.


Tell us one random thing about your best friend: we have "weiird face fights"


By the way, how'd you find us? my friend erica.


If you found us through Intrests what did you search for:___


If you found us through a memeber which memeber was it? ___crrrash


 left middle

 on the left -

 on the right-

 pink cell in hand =)

      i'd make a good construction worker..

  my puppy, but im in the background holding him

 me and my friend were on a trampolene and that was the after picture. it was cold.

 ( on the right.)

Opinions: Please Explain
What do you think of the mods?
They are <b>super supreme sweeties</b>!!

What do you think about MTV?
i watch mtv 24/7 so i love love love it.

What do you think about internet dating?
very effective, i wouldnt reccoment it tho.

What do you think about same sex dating/ marriage?
i respect it.. if someone likes someone from the same sex, deal with it. they cant help it.

What do you think about abortion?
If they are at a cetain age i understand it, but it is murder.

What do you think of our community?
Its awesome!
Do you think there is anything we can do to make it better?
no, its awesome!
What other communities do you belong to?
thehottest_  and _toughxlove_  =)


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