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Supreme enough for you?

The Basic Stuff:
Name:Alyssa Santola
Current location: Clarkston
Single or Taken:Single

The Superficial Stuff:
Eye color: grreen and blue
Hair color:blonde
Best feature:probably my eyes
Worst feature:my feet are ugly

The Entertainment Stuff:
5 Favorite Bands/Artists: american hi-fi, something corporate, starting line, 50 cent, mariah carey,
5 Least Favorite Bands/Artists:good charolette, akon, simple plan, and probably hillary duff
4 Favorite Movies: anything with will ferral or adam sandler, italian job, all american pies, road trip, euro trip
4 Least Favorite Movies: again anything with hillary duff except cinderra story<3.
3 Favorite Celebrities: Colin Ferral, Brad Pitt, Sean William Scott, Sarah Jessica Parker
3 Least Favorite Celebrities: for some weird reason i dont really like tom hanks. hillary duff,Avril Lavigne
2 Favorite TV Shows: the oc,degrassi
2 Least Favorite TV Shows: lost bothers me.. weirdly prolly cause ive only watched it once, and the andy griffith show rgh
X # of Favorite Hobby/Interest: cheerleadings, gymnastics, guys, and LURVE!

The Other Stuff:
Promote to at least 2 users/communities:</p> and

Why do you want to join this community: becasue i love angelea and it is SSOOOOO CUTE AND FUNNNIO!

Tell us one random thing about you.
i love to sing even if i do suck

Tell us one random thing about your best friend:
lindsie marie blouin has a habit of talking in differnet voices
every five seconds

By the way, how'd you find us?
angelas commment on my lj

If you found us through Intrests what did you search for:

If you found us through a memeber which memeber was it?
angela- 0ne_step_cl0ser obviously lol

Opinions: Please Explain
What do you think of the mods?
They are super supreme sweeties!!

What do you think about MTV?
i love it with a passion because i love all of the music they
play and all the people they have included!

What do you think about internet dating?
not good unless you actually have met the person
you never know who you could be talking to..

What do you think about same sex dating/ marriage?
whatever makes them happy. it really doesnt bother me
they are people just like all of us

What do you think about abortion?
i think of it as murder, but if it is the last
resort i guess someone might have to turn to abortion

What do you think of our community?

Do you think there is anything we can do to make it better?
not really yet it looks LOVELY right now
IheartIt really

What other communities do you belong to?
degrassi and i left the other one

The Picture Stuff:If Avaible
Post one picture of your friends [point out which one you are though]

Post as many, good, clear pictures of yourself - not too big but not too small please, and no more than two photo shopped ones!
sorry if thats too big i just wanted to be able to see it..

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